Portable Oil Skimmer Fits the Bill

Removes Oil Residue from Engine Cleaning in Southern Climate

Research on the World Wide Web lead an employee of Devall’s Fleeting Service to the website of the Abanaki Corporation. A tug boat and barge company located in Hackberry, Louisiana, Devall’s was interested in steam cleaning their engines but needed a way to deal with the oil residue that the process would leave. While considering different proposals for oil separator systems, Devall’s decided to contact Abanaki for information regarding their solution for oil removal problems – the patented Abanaki oil skimmer. “We told them what we needed to do and they recommended a system,” explained Mike Devall, Jr., “they really helped us.”

Abanaki recommended the Tote-It 2 Portable Oil Skimmer. This single assembly unit is a dependable and effective means of removing oil from water and is especially well suited for parts washing. The oil skimmer works on the principle of surface tension. Oil and other hydrocarbon liquids are picked up as the belt passes through the surface of the contaminated liquid. After traveling over the head pulley, the belt passes through tandem wiper blades where oil is scraped off both sides and discharged.

Devall now steam cleans their engines in a large concrete tub that collects the run-off water. The waste is then pumped into a 500 gallon holding tank located outside of its facility. The Tote-It 2- designed to last for many years under the most severe conditions – has been installed on top of the tank. Recovered oil is discharged into 55 gallon drums and then hauled away by a local oil company. They have probably pulled off 300 gallons of oil in a year. “We set it up, plugged it in, and turned it on.” States Devall’s Engine Repair Facility Manager, Mike Devall, Jr. “Its been doing the job ever since.”

Devall’s Fleeting Service is very happy with their Abanaki Tote-It 2. The oil skimmer runs between 25 and 30 hours a week and has not required any maintenance or adjustment since its installation a year and a half ago. The fact that “there is not one speck of rust” on the skimmer in spite of being out in Louisiana weather has only added to their very positive impression of the product.

In search of the perfect oil removal solution for their engine steam cleaning process, Devall’s Fleeting Service decided to invest in the Abanaki Portable Oil Skimmer, Tote-It 2. They feel the Abanaki Corporation could have “fooled them and demanded thousands of dollars more” for their patented design. Other proposals under consideration would have “cost much more and taken up more space.” They are very happy with their choice. “I know its worth the money,” explains Mike Devall, Jr. and adds that the Tote-It 2 is a solution for oil removal he would easily recommend.”

Abanaki Corporation