Oil Skimmer Prevents Groundwater Pollution While Saving Costs

Idaho Recycling/Consulting and Associates (IRC) of Glenn’s Ferry, ID helps small generators of industrial wastewater prevent groundwater pollution and comply with environmental regulations by recycling contaminated water, a method that is less expensive than disposing of fugitive oil, solvents, gasoline and other hydrocarbons.

A typical IRC recycling system for such small generators as truck stops, construction equipment and agricultural machinery service shops includes a settling tank and a Mighty Mini® oil skimmer made by Abanaki Corporation of Chagrin Falls, OH. Other oil/water separation methods are effective, but are usually more expensive than skimming, and many will not easily handle the volume of oil that skimming handles.

The skimmer’s belt is operated by a motor and pulley system, which keeps it in motion whenever the unit is activated.

The design uses the difference in specific gravity and surface tension between oil and water to pick up oil, grease and other hydrocarbon liquids as the belt passes through the wash water. The one inch belt can remove up to one gallon of oil per hour from the surface of the water. The two inch belt can remove up to two gallons or more of oil per hour. The belt runs over a tail pulley connected to a stabilizer bar that is lowered into the wash water. After the belt passes passes over the drive pulley, it travels through tandem wiper blades where the oil is removed into a discharge channel. The oil then flows into a coolant saving Abanaki Oil Concentrator® where any residual water picked up with the oil is separated and sent back to the wash tank. The water-free oil is then discharged into a waste oil container.

The skimmer oil is then hauled away and recycled. Or, the oil can be used as an alternate energy fuel. Such savings easily pay for the cost of the equipment used.

Cost savings and prevention of groundwater pollution, plus conservation of natural resources, are solid reasons to try Abanaki’s Mighty Mini oil skimmer today.

Edited for length: Published in The National Environmental Journal.