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Reducing Those Troublesome Coolant Costs

Hahn Manufacturing, a family-owned business, decided to skim oil, recycle coolant and help keep its part of the world cleaner. The Mighty Mini® oil skimmer looked as if it might fit the operation because of its ease of operation and compact size.

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Check out the various features of Abanaki's full line of oil skimmers for your particular application.

Abanaki Corporation is One-Stop Shop for Oil Skimmer Replacement Belts and Tubes

Abanaki offers the widest variety of oil skimmer belt and tube materials in the industry including custom sizes. If your skimmer is not removing oil at its optimal rate, a new belt may bring your skimmer back to life.

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Belt Measuring Guide

Oil Skimming Division Presents Measuring Belts for Existing Operational Skimmers. See Belt Measuring Guidelines.

Oil Skimming 102:
Tutorial Shows How to Select an Oil Skimmer

Sequel to the popular video "Oil Skimming 101" covers choosing the right skimmer, understanding how skimmers vary, and how to size.

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Ask Skimmerman, and your question will be answered in an e-mail message. Read below to see Skimmerman's answers to other questions.

From Terry:

I have a parts washer that has a lot of oil on the surface that needs to be removed. The problem is that the temperature of the tank is 180°F. Do you have a belt that could handle the high temperature?

Skimmerman answers:

We certainly do. We have various belts that will handle all types of applications from high temperature and high pH to low pH, and also for light-end hydrocarbons. In your case with high temperatures, our steel or high-temp poly belt would work great.

From Jeff:

How exactly does an oil skimmer work? Do I have to place the skimmer directly where the oil is collecting?

Skimmerman answers:

An oil skimmer is a device that uses a belt, tube, or disk placed directly into the product containing oil. The belt, tube, or disk attracts the oil by breaking the surface tension of the water and then runs back to the machine to be wiped clean. If your skimmer is sized right, it will be able to pull the free-floating oil from anywhere in the tank or pit. Oil skimmers should be purchased more by size than by the volume of oil to ensure you are able to skim from the whole surface area.




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