Abanaki Corporation Releases Heavy Oil Groundwater Remediation System

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Cleveland, Ohio, July 8, 2011 — Abanaki Corporation is pleased to announce a Heavy Oil Groundwater Remediation System designed to remove high viscosity oils such as bunker C and No. 6 fuel oil from groundwater. Typical applications are remediating oil contamination from groundwater using existing monitoring or remediation wells.

The Heavy Oil Groundwater Remediation System does not use a groundwater or torpedo pump, therefore it is not subject to their associated problems, such as frequent clogging. Instead, this system is equipped with the innovative Abanaki PetroXtractor® belt oil skimmer fitted with the ultra-durable poly belt plus stabilizer rods. It can remove up to 12 gph of oil from water and can be installed in well casings with a 2″ inside diameter or greater.

Once the PetroXtractor picks up the skimmed oil, it is deposited into a transfer tank. When the tank is full, the removed oil is automatically pumped to a customer-provided, collection container.

Each Groundwater Remediation System oil skimmer uses an endless belt in 1″, 2″, or 4″ widths that will fit in 2″, 4″, and 6″ or larger diameter well casings.  These systems can also be adapted using other skimmers in Abanaki’s range for applications in ponds, trenches, and wastewater pits. Abanaki oil skimmers and systems require very little maintenance, are easy to install, and have low energy costs.

Releases Heavy Oil Groundwater Remediation

About Abanaki Corporation – Abanaki, the world leader in oil skimmer products, manufactures a wide range of products to remove oils, greases, solvents, and related hydrocarbons from water, groundwater and industrial effluent. Belt and Tube oil skimmer models are available with removal rates ranging from 1 to 200 gallons per hour in both stationary and portable systems. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Abanaki has served a global customer base in industries as diverse as iron and steel, wastewater, paper, food processing, automotive, environmental remediation and recycling for more than 40 years. Today, under the corporate motto “Clean Our World™,” Abanaki continues to address pollution in industry through innovation, customer commitment, and environmental stewardship within its own operations.

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