Abanaki’s Versatile High-Temp Poly Belt Well-Suited for Fracking Wastewater Oil Removal

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Cleveland, Ohio, January 9, 2012Abanaki Corporation has been successfully providing oil skimming technology to wastewater treatment plants in the removal of oil from fracking wastewater. Due to the variety of contaminants found in fracking wastewater, the suitable oil skimmer belt for this particular application is Abanaki’s high-temp poly belt. This oil skimmer belt is reinforced to resist stretching, is chemically resistant, and is able to withstand continuous high temperatures up to 180° F. It also works well for outdoor use where UV sensitivity is an issue. The high-temp poly belt is very versatile and can be used on all belt oil skimmers.

Fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, is a process commonly used by natural gas drillers in which millions of gallons of water, combined with sand and chemicals, are injected deep underground at high pressure to shatter shale rock formations and free natural gas. Treatment is then necessary for the flowback from these fracking well sites before disposal into the local city sewer system for additional treatment. Oil skimming is an environmentally sound choice for the removal of oil and other hydrocarbons from fracking wastewater.

Oil skimmers work by making use of the differences in specific gravity and surface tension between oil and water. These physical characteristics allow the belts to attract oil and other floating hydrocarbon liquids from the surface of the fluid. Abanaki belt oil skimmers can be used in applications as deep as 100 feet. Oil skimming is the most economical, lowest maintenance method for removing floating oil, grease, fuel and other hydrocarbons from water. Companies have effectively used Abanaki oil skimmers in a broad range of applications for over 40 years. Oil skimmers are a proven method to easily assist companies when they need to meet municipal and EPA water quality standards.

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About Abanaki Corporation —Abanaki, the world leader in oil skimmer products, manufactures a wide range of products to remove oils, greases, solvents, and related hydrocarbons from water, groundwater and industrial effluent. Belt, tube and disk oil skimmer models are available with removal rates ranging from 1 to 200 gallons per hour in both stationary and portable systems. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and with an office in the UK, Abanaki has served a global customer base in industries as diverse as iron and steel, wastewater, paper, food processing, automotive, environmental remediation and recycling for more than 40 years. Today, under the corporate motto “Making it Easy to Clean Our World®“, Abanaki addresses pollution in industry through low total cost of ownership, constant innovation, and environmental stewardship.

For more information, call (440) 543-7400, (800) 358-SKIM (7546), or e-mail: See the full line of Abanaki products and demos at

High-Temp Poly Belt

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