UK Manufacturer Puts Abanaki’s Coolescer™ to the Test

Cleveland, Ohio, July 30, 2012 – Abanaki Corporation®, the world leader in oil skimming technologies, recently had one of its coolant products put to the test. A manufacturing company located in the UK recently chose to do a trial run with the Coolescer™. An employee of the company had been informed of the benefits of using the Coolescer for coolant cleaning purposes. The Coolescer removes tramp and hard to pick up “grey” oils from machine tool coolant sumps, helping to eliminate “Monday morning” coolant odor. The Coolescer coolant refresher eliminates the need for oil skimmers and manual labor involved in cleaning and recycling coolant.

The facility decided to use the Coolescer on one of its machines that desperately needed its coolant cleaned. The approach was, if the Coolescer could clean this particular machine’s coolant, it could clean anything. After running for roughly six consecutive weeks, the company claims the oil laden coolant in this machine was almost brand new.

The Coolescer pumps the top ¼” layer of coolant and oil through a coalescing cartridge where the oil is separated from the coolant. The separated oil is removed via the oil discharge valve and the cleaned coolant is aerated and pumped back to the coolant sump. The durable plastic unit removes oil from areas where conventional skimmers won’t fit. It takes the place of a skimmer and aeration system in a smaller, compact, and portable package. It features leak proof fittings, a crush resistant hose, a self-contained system, and a coalescing cartridge that will never need to be replaced. The Coolescer will extend coolant life, reduce disposal costs, eliminate any down time, improve tool life, and help prevent dermatitis.

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About Abanaki Corporation: Abanaki, the world leader in oil skimmer products, manufactures a wide range of products to remove oils, greases, solvents, and related hydrocarbons from water. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Abanaki has served a global customer base in industries as diverse as iron and steel, wastewater, paper, food processing, automotive, environmental remediation and recycling for more than 40 years. Today, under the corporate motto “Making it easy to Clean Our World®,” Abanaki continues to address pollution in industry through innovation, customer commitment, and environmental stewardship within its own operations.


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