December 2014

A Newsletter for Customers and Friends of Abanaki Corporation

Abanaki Releases Coolescer with ChipStop Filter

The Abanaki Coolescer is a must for any machine shop dealing with machine tool coolant. This unit will extend CNC coolant life, reduce disposal costs, eliminate down time, improve tool life and help prevent dermatitis. The ChipStop Filter collects any particulate, resulting in a cleaner
coolant. See more info here 








Abanaki Releases New Oil Skimmer Belt Selection Guide


This new informational guide offers detailed information on how to size a belt for each of Abanaki’s oil skimmers, the operating specifications for each belt, tube, and disc material, how to select the right belt material for your application, and more.

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Oil Skimmer Cleans Up Oil Leak in Ohio

A long-time chemical manufacturer in Ohio was experiencing an ongoing oil issue that they couldn’t sort out a solution to. There was a small oil leak in an onsite dike that was causing a sheen on the collected storm water. The company needed a solution that would operate on a constant basis and reached out to Abanaki for help. Read more.


Coolant Causing a Stench?

Anyone who works with coolant knows about the potential foul stench that looms around the corner. When a machine is shut down for the weekend, oil has a chance to come to the surface of the coolant tank. Bacteria that are living in the coolant tank use up the dissolved oxygen in the coolant mix, a process that is sped up by having a layer of oil on the surface. Read more.


Oil Skimmer Product Highlights

Mighty Mini® SST Belt Oil Skimmer
Compact, Cost-Effective, Durable Oil Skimmer!

The ideal solution to remove unwanted tramp oil in coolants & parts washers! Compact size allows it to be utilized anywhere.
See the Mighty Mini in action on the informational product page!

Oil Skimmers: the lowest cost method of removing oil from water 
Oil Viper Tube Skimmer 







PetroXtractor® Belt Oil

Compact design allows this tube skimmer to fit in almost any tank/pit! Unique wiping system allows for more effective oil skimming.










Great for sumps! A versatile belt oil skimmer.

Ideal for removal of floating oil and other hydrocarbon liquids from
existing remediation or monitoring wells. Solar option available!Watch animation



Grease Grabber® Belt Oil Skimmer   Efficient Removal of Floating Grease and Heavy Oil!
A versatile belt oil skimmer. Ideal for removal of floating oil and other hydrocarbon liquids from harsh conditions. Removal rates of up to 160 gph.Watch animation.  




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Free Resources

Will your oil pick up?
The Skimming Material Test Kit will include belt and tube sample materials that you can use to test their effectiveness at your location. We will send you sample materials which may include fuzzy, steel, poly, and elastomer belts, and/or collector tubes for standard and high temperature applications.

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Groundwater Remediation Infographic
Groundwater remediation is the process of removing pollution from our water supplies and fresh drinking water. The process of cleaning up contaminated sites can range from $110-$127 billion. With our new Groundwater Remediation Infographic you can learn more about how our groundwater remediation systems can help improve the quality of our water supplies quality at a fraction of the cost.

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Oil Skimmer Facts Handbook *Updated*
The industry’s most complete handbook on how to select and Size an oil skimmer for your application. This handbook contains information on all aspects of oil skimmer application.

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Ask Skimmerman your questions and they will be answered in an email. Read below to see Skimmerman’s answers to other questions.George Perkins asked:
I have a Tote It oil skimmer with a cr steel belt. Is there supposed to be a bearing inside the lower pulley?Skimmerman says:
The cr steel belts are actually driven by the upper magnetic drive pulley. The lower tail pulley functions by “floating” on the axle and stainless steel washer provided; applying weight on the belt and keeping it in place. No bearing is needed.

Pierre McKenzie Asked:
I have a need to recover #6 fuel oil from fractured bedrock. We are proposing to install a 12–inch diameter recovery well, 40 feet deep, cased from surface to 16 feet (soil/bedrock interface) open borehole to depth. GW at 18 FBG. Which system do you recommend? My experience with skimmers is that they don’t function well in #6. Wipers don’t tend to clean off the oil, especially during cold weather.

Skimmerman Says:
I recommend a 4″ PetroXtractor with the standard Polymer belt, heated troughs, 24–hour timer, tail pulley support rods and drum shutoff switch. The Polymer belt retains a minute amount of oil that actually helps draw the oil in the well to the belt on subsequent passes. The heated troughs help maintain discharge flow and the tail pulley support rods keeps the tail pulley from becoming neutrally buoyant in the viscous oil. While it is true that during cold weather #6 fuel oil does get quite viscous, it should not be a problem to wipe off of the belt. If too much is being left on the belt, adding enough heat to keep the unit above the freezing mark should solve the problem.

About Abanaki – Abanaki, the world leader in oil skimmer products, manufactures a wide range of products to remove oils, greases, solvents, and related hydrocarbons from water, groundwater, and industrial effluent. Today, under the corporate motto “Clean Our World®”, Abanaki addresses pollution industry through low total cost of ownership, constant innovation, and environmental stewardship. 

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