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  • Happy Valentine’s Day
  • Ask Skimmerman: Problem-Solving Love Letters
  • Selecting the Right Oil Skimmer…in Only Minutes
  • Skimming Oil from Totally Enclosed Machining Centers
  • Abanaki’s Aerodyne Division Presents the “S” Series Dust Collector
  • From Japan, With Love: Automaker Solves a Waxy Problem with the Model 8
  • Our Valentine Message: We Love a Clean World

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day evokes the traditional images of red hearts, long-stem roses, fine chocolates and oil skimmers. When your oil is playing hard to get, there’s no better way to snare the object of your desire than using an oil skimmer from Abanaki. Abanaki oil skimmers have more clinging power than a pair of love-sick adolescents. In fact, we’ve never met oil that didn’t find our skimming media, well, simply irresistible. This holiday, consider the love affair you could have with an Abanaki oil skimmer. If you already have one, then we’ll understand if you’re tempted to buy it flowers.

Ask Skimmerman: Problem-Solving Love Letters
Ask your own questions now!

Dear Skimmerman:

Dear Skimmerman: I am trying to remove oil from my CNC machine that has a tank underneath the machine and has no top access. Is there anything that I can do?

— LeRoy

Skimmerman says:

Dear LeRoy,

The Tubetastic™ Oil Skimmer was made for just this application. It is made to attach to side of tank and enter the tank through a small slit on side of tank.

Dear Skimmerman:

You’ll be my Valentine if you can give me an answer. I am looking for a skimmer that can be mounted 25 feet above the tank on a platform. Do you have any skimmers that would have that far of a reach?


Skimmerman says:

Dear Jerome,

We have skimmers that can reach up to 100 feet.

Dear Skimmerman:

I’ve having trouble deciding what to get my wife for Valentine’s Day. Last year I gave her a fur coat, and she lectured me about cruelty to animals. The year before I gave her pearls, and she complained about exploitation of the ocean. What should I do?


Skimmerman says:

Dear Clueless,

As Skimmerman I’ve been too busy fighting oily villains to get married, nor do I have any experience at all with a real relationship, but if you’re desperate enough to ask a cartoon for advice, then I feel obligated to do my best. It’s obvious that your wife needs a Model 8 oil skimmer from Abanaki. Proven in thousands of installations, it toils tirelessly to make this world a cleaner, kinder place.

Dear Skimmerman:

My boyfriend has dermatitis on his hands and it’s disgusting. It’s like “The Mummy Returns” without the treasure. He can keep his hands to himself. Here’s the weird part: all his friends from the machine shop have it too. What’s up with that?


Skimmerman says:

Dear Ungrateful,

When coolant water mixes with tramp oils from the machine tools, the oil floats on top of the water. Bacteria gets trapped under this layer of oil and the anaerobic environment allows the bacteria to fester. That’s the source of his dermatitis. Oil skimming efficiently removes oil from the surface. Not only will his skin clear up, but the coolant will last longer. So will your love life.

Selecting the Right Oil Skimmer…in Only Minutes!

Coming to a computer screen near you is “Oil Skimming 102,” Abanaki’s online video tutorial on selecting the right oil-skimming product. The sequel to the popular basic video “Oil Skimming 101,” this tutorial presentation is adapted from the Abanaki Oil Skimming Guide. In just minutes, it covers choosing the right skimmer, understanding how skimmers vary, and specifying the correct Abanaki skimmer. “In the first webinar, we illustrated the basics behind the cost-effective methodology of oil skimming,” says Abanaki President Tom Hobson. “This new video builds on that basic knowledge and assists the viewer in making the best choice for his operation.” Savvy production managers give it four stars.

For your front-row seat, See “Oil Skimming 102.”

Skimming Oil from Totally Enclosed Machining Centers

TV pitchman Billy Mays has nothing on Abanaki — especially when it comes to the Tubetastic™! Oil Skimmer. The low-profile oil skimmer has been redesigned for easier maintenance. Designed to reach inside the coolant sumps of metalworking machines, the improved Tubetastic™! lowers maintenance costs compared with previous models. The problem-solving Tubetastic™!, weighing only six pounds, easily mounts to the side of virtually any machining center coolant sump. The skimmer can skim oil from regular coolant sumps or totally enclosed machining centers. The Tubetastic! removes up to 1.5 gallons of oil per hour, and features a fan-cooled, continuous-duty motor and standard collector tubes allowing a reach of 6″, 12″, 18″ and 24″; longer lengths are also available. Units are available in 110 – 220V or 50-60Hz models. Animated product demos are available for viewing on the Tubetastic™! web page. (Billy Mays and his bright orange cleaner not included.)

Abanaki’s Aerodyne Division presents the “S” Series dust collector

Aerodyne, a division of Abanaki Corporation, offers “S” Series dust collectors, which use centrifugal force to efficiently separate out fine particles beginning at 20 microns. The collector can handle dusts such as sawdust, fly ash, sand, coffee and many others. Units range in size from 50 cfm to 18,000 cfm and can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Aerodyne SplitStream Cyclone Dust Collector

From Japan, With Love: Automaker Solves Waxy Problem with the Model 8

A large Japanese automaker with operations in Europe had a unique problem — retrieving automotive wax and reclaiming water at the end of an extremely busy production line. Newly made automobiles were being sprayed with a fine mist of wax, which served to protect the cars during shipment. The problem was that the wax overspray that dripped into wax bay holding sumps was poorly retrieved by obsolete skimming equipment. The automaker was sacrificing time and money at the hands of aging, labor-intensive equipment that offered poor removal rates. The wax removal system in place consisted of a drag-out unit using a chain-link conveyer. A custom-designed solution was needed to fix the problem. It now consists of a modified belt-driven oil skimmer manufactured with specially designed heaters, wipers, belts and accessories.

Read the details of how the Model 8 Oil Grabber came to the rescue.

Our Valentine Message: We Love a Clean World

For Abanaki Corporation, our long-time love affair has been with a cleaner world. In 1949, two pioneering entrepreneurs founded the company that later became Abanaki. Their passion for a cleaner world harnessed powerful new technologies to aid in pollution control for the manufacturing industry. Their commitment formed the foundation of our heritage of innovation, discovery and environmental stewardship. Through the years, Abanaki has emerged as the world leader in oil skimming solutions, serving industries as diverse as iron and steel, wastewater, paper, food processing, automotive, environmental remediation and recycling. Hearts and flowers are always appropriate at this time of year. For Abanaki, the corporate motto is our year-round Valentine to you — “Clean Our World.”


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