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New Solutions Sourcebook

Abanaki’s Solutions Sourcebook offers application notes on more than 25 real-world implementations of oil skimming. The Abanaki Solutions Sourcebook is indexed both by type of industry and by type of application, enabling readers to quickly find the case studies that are most relevant to their situation.Request the Sourcebook for instant download > 

Clean Up Flammable Liquids with Abanaki’s Q-VAC 100X™ Explosion-Proof Wet Vac

Abanaki’s new explosion-proof wet vac, the Q-VAC 100X, vacuums up liquids in environments that require explosion proof equipment. The Q-VAC 100X wet vac is designed to eliminate the possibility of static electricity build up and
discharge which could spark an explosion. The entire unit—from the floor tool to the hooded Venturi—is grounded, allowing the unit to shed any static electricity to a ground via a spring-loaded alligator clamp (attached by the
user to a reliable ground). The Q-VAC 100X, which has no electrical parts, is the only explosion-proof wet vac on the market that is air driven.

The Q-VAC 100X thoroughly suctions all types of wet industrial spills to prevent injury and damage. Utilizing a venturi design, it is far more powerful than competitive units. The Q-VAC 100X pumps liquid directly into a standard drum for convenient storage or recycling, and a liquid overflow shutoff-valve ensures that the vacuum automatically turns off when the drum is full. The proprietary muffler design keeps it surprisingly quiet for a unit with such power.

In addition to the explosion proof Q-VAC 100X, Abanaki offers a standard duty wet vac—the Q-VAC 100—that can be used to remove coolant and chips from machine sumps for optimal equipment operation. Both vacuums contain no moving
parts and run on compressed air quickly, quietly, and virtually maintenance-free.

The Abanaki Q-VAC 100 is ideal for removing surface contaminates from process baths, emptying tanks and drain pits, draining containers and vats completely dry, and removing spent coolant from a machining center. The Q-VAC 100 will also vacuum oil, coolant, and other floor spills.

The Abanaki Q-VAC 100 and Q-VAC 100X model wet vacs offer industrial plants several advantages:

  • Minimize use of absorption materials and reduce hazardous waste disposal
  • Unique air-powered design for safe and quiet operation
  • Low maintenance, with no filters or moving parts to replace
  • Easy to install on a standard 55-gallon drum
  • Comes complete with hoses and wet vac accessories

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Product Demonstrations

Animated demos for the Q-VAC 100 wet vac, Model 8² oil skimmer, and Chiperator chip/coolant separator are now
available, as are videos for several models of oil skimmers. Watch the demos and videos now!

Abanaki’s New TubeTastic!™ Oil Skimmer Eliminates Need for Overhead Access to Coolant Sump

New Unit Can Skim Oil from Chip Conveyors—Even Totally Enclosed Machining Centers

Abanaki Corporation has introduced an innovative new oil skimmer that works in places where other skimmers can’t: on coolant sumps with little or no overhead access.

The problem-solving TubeTastic!™ easily mounts to the side of virtually any machining center coolant sump. The skimmer can skim oil from chip conveyors or totally enclosed machining centers. Using an existing opening or through a small access cutout, the unit’s collector tube runs through the surface of the coolant to collect unwanted oils. The oil then flows out the discharge tube into any waste oil container for easy disposal.

TubeTastic! removes up to 1.5 gallons of oil per hour, says Abanaki President Tom Hobson, “thereby prolonging the life of the coolant and its efficiency.” The TubeTastic! features a fan-cooled, continuous duty motor and standard collector tubes allowing a reach of 6″, 12″, 18″ and 24″; longer lengths are also available. Units are available in 110-220V or 50-60HZ models.

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High Cost of Oil Driving Up Interest in Oil Skimming Equipment

Record high oil prices are causing manufacturers to seek profitable ways to extract oil from their wastewater, according to the leading U.S. supplier of oil skimming equipment.

Abanaki Corporation has seen an increase in interest in oil skimmers, which recover oil from plant wash water, machine shop coolant, and contaminated groundwater. Manufacturers can sell recovered oil to a recycler or burn the oil to lower heating bills.

Since June 2005, when crude oil prices soared past $60 per barrel and gasoline prices topped $2 per gallon, requests for skimmers to be used for oil recycling have increased 25 percent, the company reported.

“Even though oil prices dropped temporarily before the election, experts are looking at the increasing demand for oil in Asia and cautioning that prices could stabilize at $100 per barrel for crude oil,” said Abanaki president Tom Hobson. “With this outlook, companies are now thinking about the profitability of oil recovery.”

Oil skimming uses the difference in specific gravity and surface tension between oil and water to pick up oil, grease and other hydrocarbon liquids as a belt passes through the water. It is a cost-effective means of cleaning
industrial waste water prior to disposal or discharge.

“In the past, manufacturers have been motivated either by regulatory compliance or by a desire to reduce disposal costs,” Hobson said. “Now the industry is shifting from a focus on reducing cost to a focus on realizing
profit hidden in waste water.”

Oil skimming is the lowest cost way to remove oil from water. Abanaki’s Model 8 Oil Grabber has a low maintenance design and removes up to 40 GPH. When combined with an oil concentrator, water in the reclaimed oil can
be reduced to as little as one percent.

Abanaki’s 40th Anniversary Contest

We want to celebrate Abanaki Oil Skimmers’ 40th anniversary with a new slogan. The only problem is that we can’t make up our minds on which slogan to use. Please help—vote for your favorite slogan or write your own. If we like
your slogan, you will receive a free Abanaki polo shirt.

a. 40 Years of Skimming Blissb. Still Skimming Strong – 40th Anniversary

c. Why doesn’t Skimmerman wear pants?

d. Cleaning the Environment for 40 Years

e. 4 Decades of Devotion to the Environment Or, write your own slogan here

On the Lighter Side… Dear Skimmerman

Welcome to Dear Skimmerman, the advice column about oil skimming, relationships, and life. Thousands hundredsdozens of people trust Skimmerman for his compassion and practical advice.

DEAR SKIMMERMAN: My girlfriend told me that she doesn’t want to be near me any more. She says that every Monday I smell like rotten eggs and it is getting worse. I tried deodorant soaps, cologne – I even made a necklace out of car fresheners shaped like pine trees. I’m starting to wonder if she is just making an excuse. What can I do? – STINKY

DEAR STINKY: She isn’t making an excuse; your girlfriend can’t stand you because you smell bad. I suggest that you use Abanaki Coolant Mints regularly in your machine shop. They will get rid of that Monday morning smell and she won’t need to change boyfriends.

DEAR SKIMMERMAN: My wife never pays attention to me anymore – all she wants to do is watch “Grey’s Anatomy” and re-runs of “Friends” on TV. What should I do? – NEGLECTED

DEAR NEGLECTED: If your wife would rather watch TV than talk to you then you must be a real loser. She deserves to watch all the TV she wants. She’ll have more time for that if she gets rid of her mop-style oil skimmer and installs a new belt skimmer instead. The Abanaki Model 8 Oil Grabber skims up to 40 gallons per hour, virtually maintenance free. Buy her one for Valentine’s Day, and she’ll love you for it.

DEAR SKIMMERMAN: My husband and I have gotten in the habit of using the credit card for jewelry, vacations, even groceries. The amount that we owe is more than the value of our home. He says that everybody uses 23 credit cards and I shouldn’t worry, but I’m not sure. Do you think we need credit counseling? – WORRIED

DEAR WORRIED: You do need counseling and you came to the right place. The first thing you should do is buy a stainless steel Oil Boss from Abanaki. It’s the corrosion resistant way to remove oil from water. Abanaki accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

DEAR SKIMMERMAN: I played too much golf with a convicted lobbyist who blabbed to the FBI. Now I am indicted for taking bribes while in office. Underneath all this dirt I really am a public servant. How can I clean up my

DEAR TATTLED: You know what you need? A Q-VAC! It’s great for cleaning up shop floor spills and dirty machine sumps. This wet vac really knows how to keep quiet, and it has more suction power than a defense contractor in a pork barrel contract.

Ask Skimmerman a real question, or forward this message to a friend.


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