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Watch Video! New Tube Skimmer Skims Oil Faster, CleanerVideo: New Tube Skimmer Skims Oil Faster, CleanerOil Viper, the Natural Enemy of Surface Oil

Need to put the bite on floating surface oils? You need the Oil Viper Tube Skimmer’s unique clean-wipe system for the industrial wastewater market. Particularly lethal for shallow applications, the Oil Viper effectively removes floating surface oils by means of an oleophilic (oil-attracting) ¾-inch-diameter continuous looped tube. The tube extends out over the surface of the tank or pit and collects the free-floating oils.

The Oil Viper has a specially designed method for removing the oil from the tube. Unlike competing units that leave oil on the tube, the unique design of wiper blades ensures that the tube is free of oil. This improves the speed of oil removal and increases the capacity of the skimmer. Removal rates can be as high as one hundred gallons per hour.

Check out the standard features of the Oil Viper Tube Skimmer.

Skimmers Enable Mines to Reuse Wash Water in Wash Bays
Abanaki has a full range of oil skimmers to solve the unique cleaning problems the mining industry faces.

Abanaki oil skimmers have been at work in mines around the world for decades. Typically located in remote areas, wastewater treatment facilities are often not available, so water must be reused onsite. Oil skimming cost-effectively removes oil from wash bays so that the water can either evaporate or can be reused.

When washing large equipment, diesel, oil, and grease, along with mud and debris get rinsed into a sump. Abanaki has three solutions that can be used in this situation: the Oil Grabber Model 4, Portable Tote-It, and the Oil Viper tube skimmer.

The Oil Grabber Model 4 is the most commonly used solution at mines. Its heavy-duty construction withstands the harsh environment inherent to the industry. Specially designed belts can collect all of the oil products present in the wash bay, and coupled with the optional Oil Concentrator, they effectively remove the oil without picking up much water.

The Portable Tote-It works well in smaller wash bays or in other parts of the mine where water and oil are present. As with the rest of Abanaki’s product line, it is available in stainless steel, which resists the strong chemicals that can be present at a mine. Two sizes are available based on belt width: 2″ and 4″.

Abanaki’s Oil Viper tube skimmer has a small footprint, but large recovery rate. The tube “snakes” around the pit and can collect oils and greases with ease. It works very well in shallow sumps or confined spaces.

Oil skimming can reduce the amount of labor needed to keep wash bays clean by mechanically removing the oil. Unlike socks or hand-held skimmers, Abanaki’s equipment is able to run continuously or on a timer to eliminate the need for manual labor. Wash bays are typically small and located near the mining pit and would not merit a large, expensive water filtration system. Oil skimmers are an economical way to remove the oil.

How Environmental is Your Workplace?
Take Our Quiz and Learn Your “Green Index”What’s your Green Index at work? The workplace—be it the front office or the shop floor—is an important place to take a stance for a better environment. As the Sierra Club notes, “simple changes of habit can save energy and resources at work, and these small steps can be multiplied by persuading the powers-that-be at your workplace to adopt environmentally-friendly (and often cost-effective) policies.”Abanaki Oil Skimmers wants to test your Green Index!

This test will take less than two minutes to complete. Please answer Yes or No to 19 simple questions by clicking here:

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After taking the test, you will immediately see your Green Index.How Environmental is Your Workplace?

Dear Skimmerman: When to Use a Belt vs. a Tube Skimmer

From John:

When should I use a belt skimmer and when should I use a tube skimmer?

Skimmerman answers:

Belt Skimmers provide the highest pickup rates because belts have more surface area than tubes. Belt skimmers may be mounted on a frame over a sump, pit, or pond, or they may be mounted directly to the top or side of a tank. The pulley is located near the bottom and the belt extends above the fluid surface, accommodating fluctuating fluid levels. Belts are easier to manufacture than tubes and therefore come in a wider variety of materials to meet the specific requirements of the application and the type of oil to be removed. The belt-and-pulley design is simple and reliable, enabling belt skimmers to be used in harsh applications with little maintenance, even in high or low temperatures.

The Tubetastic line of Tube Skimmers can be used in the same applications as belt skimmers, however they have certain advantages. Tubes are useful in applications where there is no top access to the coolant sump. The tube breaks the surface of the oil laden coolant causing oil to stick to the tube. The oil is then wiped off and discharged into the oil collection container.

The Oil Viper Tube Skimmers use a tube that floats on the fluid surface and collects free floating oils in water depths as shallow as a few inches. Increased removal rates over other tube skimmers are achieved because its clean-wipe system ensures the tube is oil-free when it returns to the tank.

Lights, Camera, Action! Wanted: Videos of Skimmers in Action

Abanaki invites the users of its products to send in videos of those products in action on the shop floor, production areas mining sites and more. Sound isn’t necessary, but action pays off. Any videos that Abanaki uses on its Web site will earn the “director” a pocket knife or a reusable grocery bag. When you have your video file prepared, please click here to upload the file to us:

Lights, Camera, Action! Wanted Videos of Skimmers in Action
Eco-tip: How to Live Green logoEco-Tip: How to Live Green

Cut your energy use by 75% just by switching to a laptop computer. Save even more energy by turning off the laptop at the end of the day.

Use a power strip for anything that can be powered by a remote control or that has a power cube transformer (little black box). Turn it off or unplug it, when it is not in use.

Try a staple-free stapler.

Being environmentally friendly can be contagious — live green.


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