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EconoMini™ Oil Skimmer Let’s You Make the Most of Tight Spaces
The EconoMini can fit almost anywhere. More important, through, is the fact that EconoMini makes its presence felt everywhere. Ultra-compact at approximately 4″ x 3″ x 4″ and weighing in at six pounds, it is the perfect skimmer to use in tight spaces, such as on parts washer tanks and coolant sumps. It can even be used to skim oil through the 2″ opening of a 55-gallon drum. It requires no assembly and requires little mounting space. Belts are available in either polyurethane or stainless steel and lengths of 8, 12, 18, and 24″.


EconoMixer™ Dispenses Speed, Accuracy and Cost SavingsThe EconoMixer 100 Coolant Proportioning Mixer and Dispenser and EconoMixer 200 are drum- or wall-mounted proportioners that automatically mix liquid coolant concentrates with water and dispense the diluted solution into a sump or container. They are designed for speed, accuracy, and cost savings. Simply insert the unit into a 15-55 gallon drum of coolant concentrate and connect a
water line to the unit.

Aerodyne® Purchase Gives Abanaki Stake in Solid-Material Market

Abanaki Corporation purchased Aerodyne Development Corporation as part of Abanaki’s plan for growth in the solid-materials-handling market. Aerodyne products have been solving dry materials handling problems for more than 40 years with dust collection systems, dewatering and material handling valve applications. Aerodyne products serve industries as diverse as iron and steel, wastewater, chemical and petroleum refineries, paper, food processing, laundry, automotive, environmental remediation, and recycling. See more information at

Coming to a Computer Near You: Oil Skimming BasicsWebinar
Learn the basics of oil skimming. Adapted from the Abanaki Oil Skimming Guide, the Oil Skimming 101 video tutorial is now available online.The 10-minute session delivers a comprehensive introduction to the subject, including the reasons oil skimming is widely acknowledged as the most cost-effective method of removing oil from water. A second, upcoming oil
skimming webinar from Abanaki will cover details of oil skimming equipment and applications.
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The Bottom-line Benefits of Coolant Testing in the Lab

Coolant literally is the lifeblood of machine shops. Because its composition changes through extended usage—breaking down through organic and inorganic contamination—coolant needs to be tested regularly in order to maintain peak effectiveness. Abanaki offers comprehensive lab testing and analysis of coolant for a wide range of applications. The new Abanaki coolant testing service can make the difference between profit and loss by ensuring proper physical and pH levels, and eliminating any potential hazards to machinery and operators.

To find out more, call your Abanaki representative or call (800) 358-SKIM for applications advice or
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Seeing Is Believing: Demos Show Abanaki-Driven Savings

The Abanaki website provides an array of demos that provide a clear overview of Abanaki technology at work. Available on, the latest demos highlight operational features and benefits of Abanaki technology. Below are links to three of these informative demos:

Tube skimmer removing oil

Learn how the TubeTastic!™ Oil Skimmer can be used on machining centers with little or no access to the coolant sump from above and can skim oil from chip conveyors or even totally enclosed machining centers!
See demo now.

Oil Skimmers Model 8 Demo by Abanaki
Oil Grabber® Model 8²

Watch the widely used Oil Grabber® oil skimmer Model 8² and see why oil skimming is the most effective and least costly method of removing oil from water in almost any type of application.
See demo now.


A new animated video is available on our website demonstrating the PetroXtractor Oil Skimmer. The PetroXtractor is designed to remove oil, fuel, and other hydrocarbons from groundwater using recovery or monitoring wells. A Solar PetroXtractor is available for unattended remediation in areas where no electricity is available or convenient.
See demo now.

Free E-Book

Abanaki engineering ebook for oil skimming

The Engineering Spec book from Abanaki offers the industry’s most comprehensive specifications on oil skimming equipment. It covers all you need to know—including application-specific considerations, motor types and belt selections—to ensure optimal savings and operational efficiencies for the full line of Abanaki products and services.
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Skimmerman Answers Your Questions About Oil Skimming

Ask your own questions now!

Miss Thompson’s 4th grade class, Pleasantdale Elementary, TX asked:

What types of problems can be caused by oil released into the environment?

Skimmerman says:

Dear Miss Thompson’s 4th grade class:

If oil is released to the environment, it can cause a lot of damage to the ecosystem. Plants, birds, and fish can all be hurt or even killed by oil. It is very important to make sure none is poured down drains or sewers because
sometimes, that oil can end up in ponds, rivers, lakes or the ocean. Once it is released, it is very hard to clean up. Since it floats on water, birds can get coated with it and be unable to fly away. Animals that drink the water could end up drinking oil and become very sick. We all need to do our part to make sure we take care of the environment and keep the Earth clean.

Dan from Andalusia, Alabama asked:

I have a grease issue with a 45’L x 12’W influent wetwell for a wastewater treatment plant. The influent wetwell is downstream of a screening facility. It is an 8′-11′ drop (water level varies) from top of wetwell to the top of the water surface. Access to the wetwell is limited, since it has a concrete lid. I might need to remove concrete to provide access. Would a grease grabber be a possible solution to removing grease for this application? If so, do you need to circulate the surface of the water to assist with the grease belt removal

Skimmerman says:

It appears that the Grease Grabber would be a possible solution for your grease issue. The Grease Grabber can be used to reach depths of up to 100′ and has a small footprint, which may be beneficial considering your concrete lid.

This unit is specifically designed for grease removal and is often used in scale pits in steel mills. Your pit size is similar to that of many scale pits which rarely require any extra measures to circulate the surface of the water to assist with grease removal. Ideally, the Grease Grabber should be placed in an area of the tank which grease typically collects. If your grease does not tend to collect in any single part of the tank, some sorts of sprayers or blowers are recommended to push the grease toward the unit.

Paul from East Point, Georgia asked:

I am looking to remove diesel and jet fuel from a well near an airfield. The problem is the well casing is only 2″ in diameter. The well is 50 feet deep. Do you have a skimmer that can be used in situations like this?
Currently, we are using pump trucks to maintain the site.

Skimmerman says:

The Abanaki PetroXtractor Well Skimmer would be a great solution for your problem. The PetroXtractor is capable of skimming down wells as small as 2″ and from depths of 100 feet or more. The belt system utilized by the PetroXtractor greatly reduces the amount of water pulled from the well compared to alternative methods of remediation. For removing light oils such as diesel and jet fuel, our LFO Fuzzy Belt has shown exceptional performance. A variety of options are available for this unit such as a timer, float switch, enclosure, and even a solar power option if no other power supply is available.

Leading Oil Refinery Ensures Cost-Effective Environmental Compliance with 5 x
8 Oil Grabber

Abanaki Model MB Oil Skimmer in actionThe Montana Refining Company is a sophisticated, 10,000-barrel a day crude oil refiner capable of producing gasoline, jet fuel, or even asphalt, and, like most large-scale high capacity plants, requires process optimization and advanced process controls.

Stephen Kind, who has been a Reliability Engineer at the Montana Refining Company for 18 years, says the company’s number one goal is “to produce fuels as economical and environmentally friendly as possible.”

How to Recapture 100% Hydrocarbon

Kind needed to find a method for capturing and transferring oil from water in the plant sewers before sending it to the municipal wastewater facility that would replace their current manual process. In researching water/oil remediation technology he found Abanaki Incorporated, an Ohio-based company that specializes in oil removing technology.

Stephen Kind chose the Abanaki Oil Grabber Model MB 5 x 8 because of its ability to remove large amounts of hydrocarbons with no water pickup.

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