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Oil Skimmers Support World-Class Wastewater Treatment

Allegheny Ludlum, a world leader in the technology, production and marketing of specialty metals, reduced the cost of disposal and lowered the contingent liabilities of wastewater discharge.
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Time for a Fall Check-Up!

Although an oil skimmer needs little maintenance, basic care will maintain its ability to remove oil efficiently. The following maintenance inspections should be performed regularly:

  • Are the wipers contacting the belt smoothly?
  • Is the belt riding in the center of the head pulley?
  • Are the troughs and wipers clear of debris?
  • Does the gear reducer oil on your Oil Grabber® need to be changed?


Oil Grabber® Model 8

Mighty Mini SST®
Contact your Abanaki representative today by e-mail at, or call in the U.S. 1-800-358-SKIM or in the U.K. +01179 616679 to answer your questions and assist you with replacement parts or new products.

Watch How Oil Skimmers Easily Remove Oil
from Shop and Plant Wastewater
Animated product demonstrations and videos show how oil skimmers easily remove oil from shop and plant wastewater.Check out the various features of Abanaki’s full line of oil skimmers and products for your particular application.

Ask Skimmerman, and your question will be answered in an e-mail message. Read below to see Skimmerman’s answers to other questions.


Does Abanaki manufacture a skimmer that can remove floating grease from a steel mill scale pit?

Skimmerman answers:

Yes we do. The Grease Grabber® is designed specifically to remove heavy grease. It has a dual drive roller design that pulls the belt through the wiper blades. It also has an oversized heated trough to collect and thin down the grease so it can be gravity discharged to a holding container.

From Ian:

I have an application that has a thick coal tar-like substance in a monitoring well. Do you have anything that can help?

Skimmerman answers:

The PetroXtractor® belt oil skimmer would be a great fit for this application. This skimmer is specifically designed for monitoring well applications. When the skimmer is outfitted with our standard polymer belt, the skimmer will efficiently pick up this viscous product. Accessories and options can also help with this type of an application. Stabilizer bars can ensure proper tension on the belt and heat can aid in the discharge of the product. Other options are available that can be of benefit in this application.



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