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Belt and Tube Skimmer Materials

Abanaki has the largest selection of materials for tube and belt skimmers in the industry!

Oil Skimmer Belts:
Corrosion Resistant Steel · Elastomer
Standard Poly · HT Poly · LFO Poly

  • light weight oils
  • heavy weight oils
  • heavy grease
  • pH levels 3 - 13
  • temps to 212°F
  • harsh environments
  • custom lengths

Oil Skimmer Tubes:
Coolant Skimmer Replacement Tubes
Standard Tubes

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Standard Poly Belts

Reinforced to resist stretching, able to withstand reasonably high temperatures (up to 170°F), and textured to retain a small amount of oil, thus drawing more oil to itself on subsequent passes. Used where rust inhibitors and temperature are a component of the wash water or where UV sensitivity is an issue. Picks up some emulsified oils.

Used On:All belt skimmers

Elastomer Belts

Can handle abrasive and harsh environments. Used where rust inhibitors are a component of the wash water.

Used On:All belt skimmers

Corrosion Resistant Steel Belts

One of our most popular oil belt skimmer materials. Works well in most industrial applications where rust inhibitors are not a component of the wash water.

Used On:All belt skimmers except PetroXtractor

XP Poly Belts

Similar to the Standard Polymer but for higher temperature applications (up to 180°F continuous). Also used when a smoother surface is required.

Used On:All belt skimmers

LFO (Fuzzy Belt®) Poly Belts

Exceptional performance on light, non-viscous hydrocarbons, such as gasoline, where rate of recovery is an important factor. Resists stretching.

See more details.

Used On:All belt skimmers except Might Mini

Looped (Fuzzy Belt®) Poly Belts

For high temperature and harsh applications that standard Fuzzy Belts cannot tolerate.

Used On:All belt skimmers except Mighty Mini

Ester Tube

For use on the Oil Viper Tuber Skimmer.

Tygon Tube

For use with tube oil skimmers in coolant applications.