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Industrial Parts Washer Skimmer for Automotive Manufacturing

Industrial parts washers, paint lines, and machine shops all have a need to remove oil from water. Abanaki oil skimmers are trusted throughout the automotive industry to extend coolant life, reduce disposal costs, and avoid fines from municipal sewer districts.

The Oil Grabber® Model 8 oil skimmer is used in centralized CNC applications and plant wastewater sumps. This belt skimmer is a low-cost way to separate oil from coolant and wastewater.

Abanaki’s portable Tote-It oil skimmer is ideal for removing oil from industrial parts wash water or coolant. Stainless steel option resists strong chemicals present in some applications.

The TubeTastic oil skimmer works in confined spaces such as enclosed machining centers with no overhead access. The oil-attracting tube collects floating oils with ease.

Our Mighty Mini oil skimmer is a popular solution because of its small size and big reputation for all types of cutting tool and industrial parts washer applications. The Mighty Mini comes with a built in timer to make removing oil from parts washers easy and cost effective.