Albert Looms in UK Replaces Saucepan with Model 4 Skimmer

Albert Looms (used car recycling) recently purchased a belt oil skimmer to collect the oil from their interceptors and drains.

Having previously used a saucepan with a long handle, the idea of a machine being able to do the work for them seemed quite appealing. Albert Looms’ Operations Manager Ray Kirk explained, “Removing the oil was one of those jobs that has to be done but is time consuming and no one really wants to do it. When we saw the belt oil skimmer, we did have our doubts as to how effective it would be but this machine really has lived up to all our expectations.” He continued, “We check the interceptor once a week and the drains on a daily basis. If we need to remove any oil, we drop the belt in and let it run. It couldn’t be simpler.”

Looms’ belt oil skimmer was supplied by Abanaki UK Ltd, which manufactures a range of models to suit different applications. The model shown is the Abanaki Model 4 Oil Grabber, which can separate oil at a rate up to 20 gph and life up to 100 ft without the need of pumps. The unit will maintain skimming efficiency with a fluctuating fluid level and can be used in depths as shallow as one foot.

If you think a belt oil skimmer could make your life easier, you can contact Abanaki by visiting their website at

Published in Automotive Recycling UK.