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High Cost of Oil Driving Up Interest in Oil Skimming Equipment

Cleveland, OH, June 6, 2006 – Record high oil prices are causing manufacturers to seek profitable ways to extract oil from their wastewater, according to the leading U.S. supplier of oil skimming equipment

Abanaki Corporation has seen an increase in interest in oil skimmers, which recover oil from plant wash water, machine shop coolant, and contaminated groundwater. Manufacturers can sell recovered oil to a recycler or burn the oil to lower heating bills.

Since June 2005, when crude oil prices soared past $60 per barrel and gasoline prices topped $2 per gallon, requests for skimmers to be used for oil recycling have increased 25 percent, the company reported.

“Experts are looking at the increasing demand for oil in Asia and cautioning that prices could stabilize at $100 per barrel for crude oil,” said Abanaki president Tom Hobson. “With this outlook, companies are now thinking about the profitability of oil recovery.”

Oil skimming uses the difference in specific gravity and surface tension between oil and water to pick up oil, grease and other hydrocarbon liquids as a belt passes through the water. It is a cost-effective means of cleaning
industrial waste water prior to disposal or discharge.

“In the past, manufacturers have been motivated either by regulatory compliance or by a desire to reduce disposal costs,” Hobson said. “Now the industry is shifting from a focus on reducing cost to a focus on realizing
profit hidden in waste water.”


Oil skimming is the lowest cost way to remove oil from water. Abanaki’s Model 8 Oil Grabber has a low maintenance design and removes up to 40 gallons of oil per hour. When combined with an oil
concentrator, water in the reclaimed oil can be reduced to as little as one percent.

Please contact Abanaki Corporation for additional information. Email us at skimmers@abanaki.com, call 1-800-358-SKIM (7546). Visit our web page at

About Abanaki Corporation: The EconoMini Skimmer is just one of many industry leading products from Abanaki Corporation. Abanaki Corporation manufactures oil skimmers and other pollution control equipment that help waste generators deal with their cradle–to–grave responsibilities in the use of oils, greases, solvents and related hydrocarbons. Skimmer models are available with removal rates up to 200 gallons per hour. Use of Abanaki equipment often allows water and oil to be recycled, thus avoiding contingent liabilities and costs associated with disposal. Besides off–the–shelf oil and grease skimmers, Abanaki supplies custom designed (turnkey) pollution control systems for a wide variety of applications.

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