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Complete Groundwater Remediation Systems Provide Solutions for Diverse Types of Groundwater Oil Contamination
Abanaki Corporation is pleased to announce the addition of six new Groundwater Remediation Systems specially designed for a variety of groundwater contamination applications with specific site requirements. These Groundwater Remediation Systems are designed to handle Light Fuel, Medium Viscosity, Heavy Oil, DNAPL, Solar Powered, and Explosion Proof applications.

Unlike pump-based groundwater remediation systems, Abanaki systems use belt oil skimmers to provide a cost-effective way to remove hydrocarbons from groundwater. These oil skimmer Groundwater Remediation Systems include a PetroXtractor belt oil skimmer and an oil transfer package.

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Check out the various features of Abanaki’s full line of oil skimmers for your particular application.

Oil Skimmers for ground water remediation

Guide to oil skimming - Factbook

Abanaki Corporation, the world leader in oil skimming and coolant maintenance products, announces the New! updated edition of its Oil Skimmer Facts Handbook for solving oil removal problems. The new handbook offers expanded information about oil skimming principles, applications, technologies, installation tips, and how to select and size an oil skimmer. In addition, this complete oil skimming
guide compares skimmer types as well as features turnkey systems.

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How Do I Get That Oil Out of There?

By Christopher Ott, Production Manager
Abanaki Corporation; Oil Skimmer Division

It is a common question asked every day by people in all fields of industry. Machine shops, steel mills, industrial manufacturers, and many others are faced with the problem of removing oils from coolants and wastewater on an everyday basis. They are faced with high disposal and maintenance costs. Some manufacturers are charged extreme amounts to have their contaminated water treated properly by their local water treatment facility.

Companies look for effective ways to remove the oil from their wastewater or coolant to reduce costs and the liability of proper disposal. Another reason for removing the oil is a better work environment. Letting oil remain in the coolant tank allows anaerobic bacteria to grow. Anaerobic bacteria break down the components of coolant, causing it to need changing more frequently. Oil-laden coolant with a high anaerobic bacteria content has two other drawbacks as well.

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Abanaki logo 2011In Honor of Earth Day, Abanaki Donates Portion of Oil Skimmer Sales to Charity for Clean Water in Developing NationsAbanaki Corporation acknowledged Earth Day, 2011 by making a monetary donation per oil skimmer and oil skimmer belt sold from Earth Day through May 31, 2011 to charity: water. Abanaki chose the non-profit organization, charity: water for their efforts to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.Abanaki would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their support of this very worthy cause. 100% of our donation went directly to the field to fund water projects for those desperately in need.

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Ask Skimmerman, and your question will be answered in an e-mail message. Read below to see Skimmerman’s answers to other questions.

From Todd:

I have a tank that I have been skimming oil off the water, but there is still a very small trace of oil left in the tank. Do you have anything to help this?

Skimmerman answers:

Yes, we do. The PetroPuck tablets can be added to water that has trace amounts of oil left in it. One tablet can treat 1,000 gallons of fluid per month. Ideal conditions are 70°F-80°F water temperature and a 7.5 or neutral pH.

From Jeff:

I have a lathe with limited access to the coolant sump. I need a coolant skimmer to remove the oil from the coolant without making any major modifications to the tank. Do you have a skimmer that would work?

Skimmerman answers:

The Tubetastic!™ oil skimmer will work great for this application. It has a very small mounting footprint and the tube will snake
into your tank and remove the oil from the coolant. The Tubetastic! can remove up to 1.5 gph and works great with limited access tanks.

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