Oil Skimmers for Every Type of Application

All of our oil skimmers are rugged, reliable and low maintenance. Removal capacities range from 1 to 200 gallons per hour. Browse the types of oil skimmers and oil skimming accessories below to find the right solution for your application. Unfamiliar with our Oil Skimming products? Go to the Skimmer Selection page to view the types of oil skimmers for every application.

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Oil Grabber Model 8 - Belt Skimmer

  • Similar to the Model 4 belt oil skimmer with additional features
  • A single unit elevates and separates oil at a rate up to 40 gph
  • Can be used with a full range of Abanaki options (heater, debris rakes, belt and tail pulley tethers, etc.)
  • Saves coolant and conserves wash water
  • Flagship unit of Abanaki's product line

Oil Viper - Tube Oil Skimmer

  • Compact design fits almost any tank or pit
  • Explosion proof motors available
  • Tubes with up to 100 foot reach
  • Safety shut off switch for safe maintenance
  • Simple and effective drive design for lasting performance
  • Unique wiping system for more effective oil removal

Oil Grabber Model 4 - Belt Oil Skimmer

  • A single unit elevates and separates oil at a rate up to 20 gph
  • Lifts oil up to 100' without the need of expensive pumps
  • Maintains oil skimming efficiency with fluctuating fluid level
  • Can be used in depths as shallow as one foot
  • Requires no tank modifications in most applications
  • Operates in turbulent liquid using optional tail pulley cage and tether assembly
  • Easy mounting and fast cleaning, with minimal maintenance

Grease Grabber® Belt Oil Skimmer

  • Abanaki's most rugged unit
  • Works for both greases and oils
  • Grease removal rates up to 160 gph (606 lph)
  • Designed for extremely demanding environments
  • Suitable for outdoor drainage pits in primary metal mills
  • Optional boom mast mount with swing arm for large pits and tanks
  • Integral 700W heater keeps skimmed grease fluid for easy discharge

Oil Grabber® Model MB - Oil Skimmer

  • Designed for jobs that require high capacity oil removal
  • Each belt increases the oil removal rate by up to 40 gph
    • 2 x 8 skims 80 gph
    • 3 x 8 skims 120 gph
    • 5 x 8 skims 200 gph
  • Utilizes continuous belts and wipers to remove oil from the fluid surface.

Tote-It Portable Belt Skimmer

  • Lightweight for portability; approximately 36 pounds
  • Can be installed permanently in limited access areas
  • Oil removal rates up to 12 gph (45 lph)
  • Standard length is 5' center to center (10' maximum)
  • For medium duty applications; parts washers, tanks, etc.

Oil Concentrator® - Oil Water Separator

  • Removes residual water in the skimmed oil
  • Provides virtually complete oil/water separation
  • An optional unit available on all Abanaki oil skimmers
  • Uses no electricity, timers, sensors, pumps, or other moving parts
  • Several sizes to fit any application
  • Optional heater available for high viscosity oils and low temperatures
  • Removable sludge screen and drain plug facilitate routine maintenance
  • All hardware provided for easy mounting to Abanaki skimmer

PetroPuck™ Trace Oil Remover

  • Practically eliminates remaining traces of oil
  • Works best in conjunction with an oil skimmer
  • One puck treats 1,000 gallons of fluid
  • Puck releases bacteria that consume oil and produce water and carbon dioxide

PetroXtractor® Well Oil Skimmer

  • Used primarily for groundwater remediation through monitoring and remediation wells
  • Comes in three varieties
    • PX-A for 2" diameter wells (3gph, SAE 30)
    • PX-B for 4" diameter wells (6gph, SAE 30)
    • PX-C for 6" diameter wells (12 gph, SAE 30)
  • Works for LNAPL's and some DNAPL's (coal tar, #6 fuel, etc.)
  • Options include: explosion proof setup, below grade mounting kits, timer, housing
  • 55 gallon drum shutoff switch and air motors

Oil Boss® Oil Skimmer

  • No tubes, mops, disks, or belts or wear out. The filtration media is easily washed out and reused.
  • Eliminate oil containers on the shop floor. The Oil Boss Oil Skimmer uses patent-pending Magni-Cling™ technology to cling to the side of machines. Keep aisles free of clutter and avoid the risk of kicking containers and causing spills.
  • Pick up hard-to-remove oils that conventional skimmers leave behind. The Oil Boss’s unique Surface Sucker™ removes all floating oils. A small footprint fits very tight sumps

Coolant Maintanance

Coolant Maintenance Products - Tramp Oil Skimmer

  • Coolescer
  • Chiperator
  • Q-VAC 100
  • EconoMixer
  • Abanaki Aerators
  • Coolant Mints
  • Mighty Mini SST
  • Mighty Disk
  • Ultra-Mini Skimmer
  • L'il Blue
  • Cool Disk Oil Skimmer
  • TubeTastic!
  • EconoMini
  • Coolescer with ChipStop Filter
  • Refractometers
  • pH Meters
  • ChillyBits
  • ChillyBox

Advantages of Abanaki Oil Skimming Products

  1. Belt materials available include corrosion-resistant steel, specially engineered polymer and Elastomer.
  2. Wiper material can be Nitrile, CRV, ceramic impregnated rubber and others.
  3. Most housings utilizes a corrosion-resistant powder coated finish; 316 stainless steel housings may be available.
  4. Abanaki oil skimmers will perform in a full range of liquid water temperatures, with pH between 1 and 13.
  5. Belt length is specified by the user; some length restrictions apply.
  6. The standard drive on all units is an electric motor and gear reducer. Other drive types available.

Abanaki supplies custom designs and turnkey systems to meet specific application needs.

Contact your sales representative or the factory forspecification assistance and a detailed quotation.