Cool Disk Skimmer


The Cool Disk Skimmer provides an inexpensive way to remove unwanted tramp oils from CNC coolants and parts washers. Disk skimmers can offer a slightly more cost effective and higher pick up rate compared to belt skimmers. However disk skimmer equipment requires a larger operating space to accommodate the disk and a steady fluid level for optimal efficiency.

This disk oil skimmer has a 1/2″ x 12″ disk and 110v fan cooled gear motor. Abanaki’s Cool Disk Skimmer is constructed entirely of plastic including a plastic motor housing and frame.

Abanaki disk oil skimmer for cnc coolant and parts washers


  • Fan cooled motor
  • Corrosion resistant polymer construction
  • Oil contamination prevention capped troughs and sealed shaft
  • Higher oil capture with boomerang blades


  • Available in 12" diameters
  • Durable polymer housing
  • Capped troughs prevent oil drips
  • Boomerang blades wipe more oil off disk
  • Shaft is sealed to prevent premature motor wear from oil contamination


Oil Removal Rate:Model SCD-12: 1-1/2 gph
Motor:110v, 60 Hz
Disk Material:Plastic – rated to 140 degrees F
Wiper Material:Plastic
Mounting Method:Any flat surface
Specification Notes:

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