Li'l Blue™ Portable Belt Skimmer



The economical solution to remove unwanted oil in coolants & parts washers!

Effective. Removes one (1″ wide belt) gallon or more of medium weight oil per hour.

Compact. Use it almost anywhere…even through a 2″ dia. bunghole in a drum.

Portable. Use it here today, there tomorrow. Weighs only 6 pounds, installs in seconds and runs on 110 v. power.

Complete. Put it to work right out of the box, or add the optional, easy-to-install decanter and brackets for an even more efficient system.

Durable. Constructed of tough engineered polymer and includes long life fan-cooled motor. 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Every Abanaki oil skimmer is backed as well as it’s built. We do it right or you don’t pay!


Belt Oil Skimmer Features

  • Fan-cooled motor
  • 1" oleophilic belts or specially-engineered plastic belts
  • Both sides of belt are wiped for better efficiency
  • Engineered polymer base and housing
  • Spring-loaded stabilizer bar
  • 3-foot clear discharge hose and clamp
  • 8-foot grounded power cord w/plug

Portable Belt Skimmer Specifications

Belt:1" (25.4mm)
Capacity:1gph (3.8lph)
Models Available:(Depth is measured from the bottom of Available the mounting base to the bottom of the tail pulley) Model SLB-08 8" (203mm) Model SLB-12 12" (305mm) Model SLB-18 18" (457mm) Model SLB-24 24" (610mm)
Standard Li'l Blue skimmers require 110v., 60-cycle electrical power. Models for 220v., 50-cycle are available.


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