Oil Grabber Model 4 - Belt Oil Skimmer


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  • A Model 4 in its favorite environment - an oil pit.
  • Model 4 in action, check out the dual wiper blade action!
  • Model 4 in a parts washer application


The Abanaki Model 4 Oil Grabber is a dependable and effective means of removing oil from water and water-base solutions. Often, oil skimming by itself will reduce oil to an acceptable level of water purity. Depending on the characteristics of the liquid, it is possible for the Model 4 alone to reduce oil content to less than five parts per million in water. The unit can be used as a pretreatment before filtration, and in conjunction with coalescing systems as part of an industrial wastewater treatment plan.

Model 4 belt oil skimmers utilizes a continuous belt and wiper to remove up to 20 gallons of oil per hour from the fluid surface. The belt, operating on a motor and pulley system, runs through contaminated liquid to pick up oil from the surface. After traveling over the head pulley, the belt passes through tandem wiper blades where oil is scraped off both sides of the belt and discharged. The tail pulley has flanges which allow it to roll freely on the inside of the belt without becoming dislodged. It requires no bearings and does not need to be fastened to the tank. If turbulent conditions exist, an optional tether and cage assembly prevents the tail pulley from being dislodged.

Oil skimming makes use of the differences in specific gravity and surface tension between oil and water. These physical characteristics allow the belt to attract oil and other hydrocarbon liquids from the surface of the fluid. The Model 4 can be used in tanks with depths as shallow as one foot, or as deep as 100 feet.

Oil Grabber Model 4 Skimmer

Advantages of Model 4 Belt Oil Skimmers

  • A single unit elevates and separates oil
  • Lifts oil any distance without the need of expensive pumps
  • Maintains oil skimming efficiency with fluctuating fluid levels
  • Can be used in depths as shallow as one foot, or as deep as 100 feet
  • Requires no tank modifications in most applications
  • Operates in turbulent liquid using optional tail pulley cage and tether assembly
  • Easy mounting and fast cleaning, with minimal maintenance

Rugged Construction for Harsh Conditions: The Model 4 oil skimmer is designed to last for many years. With the proper configuration it can handle liquid temperatures up to 212°F, and the pH of the fluid can range from 3 to 13. Belts are specifically selected for your application (see Belt Selection page). The skimmer drive includes an oil filled gear reducer with bronze gears and ball bearings. The motor, reducer, and powder coated finish of the weldments give the Model 4 exceptionally long life, even under the harshest conditions.

Typical Belt Oil Skimmer Applications

The Model 4 is designed for those applications where other models provide excess capacity, or physically will not fit. From a mere shimmer on top of water to a heavy oil slick, the Model 4 performs efficiently, removing up to 20 gallons of oil per hour. Wastewater sumps
  • Parts washers
  • Coolant systems
  • Heat treating fluids
  • Food processing plants
  • Parking lots, garages, and service facilities
  • Outdoor ponds, lakes, and basins
  • Underground tanks
  • Ships' bilges
  • Aircraft service areas and tarmac runoff
  • Truck, locomotive, and other mobile equipment washing facilities

Belt Oil Skimmer Features

  • Requires only a small area in the tank or sump
  • Easy mounting
  • High temperature capability
  • Chip resistant powder finish
  • Hazardous duty and food grade options
  • Custom designs and turnkey systems available
  • Fast cleaning with minimal maintenance

Specifications for Belt Oil Skimmers

Oil Removal Rate:16 gph (60 lph) with standard tail pulley. 20 gph (75 lph) with high capacity tail pulley. (Removal rate is based on 30 weight oil in water.)
Tail Pulley:Specify standard or high capacity. (The high capacity option uses a patented pulley design that improves the adherence of oil to the inside
Motor:Fractional hp, TEFC, gear motor operating on either 115/230VAC, single phase, 60Hz or 230/460 VAC, Optional: 50Hz power source; explosion proof; drip proof;
Belt Width:4 in. (10 cm).
Belt Length:User specified (up to 100', measured from the center of head pulley to center of tail pulley)
Belt Material:Specifically selected for your application (see Belt Selection page)
Wiper:Nitrile standard; CRV optional. Specify wiper material based on temperature and fluid compatibility. (See "Operating Limits.")
Mounting Method:Standard: Bracket for customer-supplied steel channel, with oil discharge through the channel. Option: Flat surface mount with oil discharge through a 1-1/2 in (3.75 cm) NPT male pipe fitting.
Weights 1:Drive assembly and housing with motor, without belt or tail pulley: 71 lbs. (32 kg) max. Standard or high capacity tail pulley: 8 lbs. (3.6 kg) 4 ft. corrosion-resistant steel belt: 4 lbs.(1.8 kg) (belt weight varies according to actual length specified)
Options (Specify):
  • Flat surface mount kit
  • Tail pulley cage and tether assembly for operation in turbulent liquids.
  • 3" PVC discharge pipe kit
  • Floor mounted support stand.
  • 304 stainless steel housing.
  • Oil Concentratorfor virtually water-free oil (see Abanaki Oil Concentrator on next page.)
  • Float switch with signal light ( fits in 3/4" drum bung) to prevent discharge drum overflow.
  • Poly-shelters, reinforced for durable protection in outside applications
  • Timer and electrical controls

Operating Limits

Temperature of LiquidpH 3-5 (acidic)pH 6-8 (neutral)pH 9-13 (alkaline)
33°F-180°(0.5°C - 82°C)CRVnitrileCRV
Temperature of LiquidpH 3-5 (acidic)pH 6-8 (neutral)pH 9-13 (alkaline)
33°F-180°(0.5°C - 82°C)CR steel, elastomer, polymerCR steel, polymer, HT polymerpolymer, HT polymer
181°F-212°F(83°C-100°C)CR steelCR steelCR steel
Standard ConfigurationThe standard Model 4 is supplied with a motor belt guard, spring-loaded adjustable wiper blade assembly, skimmer belt, tail pulley, and assembly instructions.Specification Notes:The Model 4 is UPS shippable.Consult factory for recommendations covering operating conditions not listed here.

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