17 Common Questions of Oil Skimmer! Abanaki Has the Solutions!

Do you have any oil skimming questions? Abanaki always has the better answers about oil skimming process and the method for choosing the right oil skimmers. Find out these 17 common questions and answers which you can relate to and eventually to guide you to solve your oil skimming problems.

  1. How Do You Know What Size of Oil Skimmer You Should Purchase?
  2. What are the general questions you need to know about your application?
  3. I have numerous totes that only need oil skimmed out every once in a while. Do you have oil skimmer that easily movable?
  4. Can I use my skimmer outside?
  5. What is the best belt for oil skimmer?
  6. I am trying to remove oil from my CNC machine that has a tank underneath the machine and has no top access. Is there anything that I can do?
  7. Is it too much water in your oil skimmers?
  8. Can I skim light fuel oils like diesel?
  9. What types of problems can be caused by oil released into the environment?
  10. Could you suggest a tramp oil skimmer for a Haas VF3 (1999 ser#12845) that bolts right on? No modifications or hassles preferably.
  11. The skimmer I have picks up the oil great, but it seems too thick to flow down the trough. What are my options?
  12. I have been using shop vacuums to remove coolant from tanks and they seem to last for only a short period of time before they have to be replaced. Do you have anything that can help us?
  13. How exactly does an oil skimmer work? Do I have to place the skimmer directly where the oil is collecting?
  14. Does Abanaki manufacture a skimmer that can remove floating grease from a steel mill scale pit?
  15. My CNC machine only has a thin slit on the coolant tank and that’s the only access to the oil on my coolant. How can I remove this oil?
  16. Is there a test that I can do to see if a skimmer will pick up my oil?
  17. I have an application that has a thick coal tar-like substance in a monitoring well. Do you have anything that can help?

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