Oil skimmers are used in a variety of industries, from food processing to refineries. The benefits differ among industries, from extending tool life to keeping within environmental regulations. The common factor is that all industries see a solid return on investment. By removing oil from water, operating cost decreases from expenses, like reduced labor and maintenance, increased regulatory compliance, less machine downtime, cleaner work environments and more.

We will focus on two applications in this webinar:

  1. Wastewater Sumps
  2. Coolants Sumps


Don’t Choose the Wrong Oil Skimmer

The Abanaki Model MB Oil skimmer is a dependable and effective means of removing oil from water and water-base solutions. Often, oil skimming by itself will reduce oil to an acceptable level of water purity. Depending on the characteristics of the liquid, it is possible for the Model MB alone to reduce oil content to less than five parts per million in water. The unit can be used as a pretreatment before filtration, and in conjunction with a coalescing system.

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What is the Best Belt Skimmer for your Coolant Sumps?

The ideal solution to unwanted oil in coolants and parts washers therefore extending the life of coolant and wash water! The Abanaki Mighty Mini SST Oil Skimmer can remove 1 to 2 gallons of medium weight oil per hour (depending on belt selection ). Its stainless steel construction enables it to operate in harsh chemicals and heat while its integrated timer lets it run only when needed. The Mighty Mini SST Oil Skimmer is designed to minimize water content in the disposed oil; however the optional Oil Concentrator® will further reduce the water content in the oil to less than 2%. This provides tremendous cost saving if the oil is to be recycled or disposed.

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