PetroPuck™ Trace Oil Remover


This trace oil remover, when used in the proper environment, practically eliminates remaining traces of oil in skimmer and machine tanks. It works best when used in conjunction with a bulk oil removal system, such as a belt oil skimmer. In many cases, the pucks bring oil levels down to those deemed acceptable for discharge.

The PetroPuck™ tablet treats 1000 gallons of fluid by releasing numerous “bugs” that attack the fluid and consume the oil left after processing. After a month, the result will be noticeable when testing water quality.

How it Works

Simply add one puck per 1,000-gallon tank per month to tanks that have a constant flow, along with a teaspoon of nutrient (provided). The pucks time release non-toxic and non-pathogenic bacteria that will break down and consume the oil, leaving no hazardous by-products. The oils are reduced to carbon dioxide and water. Ideal conditions are 70-80 degrees water temperature and a 7.5 or neutral ph. The kit come complete with ph testers, and nutrients.


Trace Oil Remover Advantages

  • No machinery
  • No waste
  • No measuring
  • No monitoring
  • Simple tablet form
  • Cleaner fluid for disposal

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