Abanaki Fuzbelt™

Dramatically Increase Gasoline Recovery Rates

Based on 30 years of experience, Abanaki Corporation, Oil Skimmer Division announces their recent design and development of a revolutionary Fuzzy Belt™ material. This dramatically increases oil skimmer capability to remove gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and other light oils from water.

The innovative “Fuzzy” LFO Poly-belt (patent pending) increases the removal rate for light oils such that a 1″ wide belt can remove 3 gph of gasoline, a 2″ belt 6 gph, a 4″ belt 12 gph and a 8″ belt 24 gph. This represents up to a ninety-fold increase in removal of light oil efficiently compared to conventional belt materials. These removal rates put Abanaki skimmers in the same category as pumps for efficiency but with much less maintenance, thus reducing the over all cost.

Coupled with the Oil Concentrator, Abanaki skimmers equipped with the “Fuzzy” LFO Poly belt offer a cost-effective solution for the recovery of gasoline and light oil contamination, with no water pick up.

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Abanaki engineers have been designing Belt Oil Skimmers to solve oil contamination problems worldwide. With a full line of oil skimmers having removal capacities ranging from 1 to 1000 gph in depths of 6″ to over 100 feet.

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SAE 30 Oil being removed at 120gph by a Model 8 Oil Grabber. A 4″ PetroXtractor removes 12gph of fresh gasoline using LFO Polymer.