Abanaki’s Industrial Coolant & Oil Skimmers

The most cost effective way of removing oil from water since 1968—our skimmers have been serving our clients around the world with oil skimmers for a variety of applications; from local job shops to giants like Toyota and Boeing, from 1 gph to 200 gph, from food processors to remediation to metal mills and beyond.


The Abanaki Oil Skimmer Advantage

  • Rugged, reliable and low maintenance.
  • Proven in thousands of oil skimming applications.
  • Most inexpensive way to remove oil from water.
  • Saves coolants by removing tramp oil.
  • Conserve parts wash water by removing oily wastes.
  • Prevents plugging of spray heads and filters.
  • Oil skimmers that remove from 1 gph to 200 gph.
  • Reduces fluid disposal costs.
  • Skimmed oil can be recycled and reused as a lubricant or fuel.
  • Helps meet government requirements for water discharge.
  • Oil Skimmers to fit in almost any application.
  • Most products ship in 24 hours.
  • 30-day money back guarantee on Coolant Maintenance Oil Skimmers.
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Abanaki’s Engineering E-Book

This book is the company’s most detailed authority on oil skimmers. It includes detailed engineering drawings and covers motor types and belt selection for Abanaki’s full line.

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Product Spotlight:

Oil Grabber Model 4® – Belt Oil Skimmer

The Abanaki Model 4 Oil Grabber is a dependable and effective means of removing oil from water and water-base solutions. Often, oil skimming by itself will reduce oil to an acceptable level of water purity. Depending on the characteristics of the liquid, it is possible for the Model 4 alone to reduce oil content to less than five parts per million in water. The unit can be used as a pretreatment before filtration, and in conjunction with coalescing systems.

Read complete product information.

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