Oil Skimmer Resources

  • Tank Skimmer Helps Firm Save Cost & Stay in Compliance
    Article in Industrial WaterWorld magazine profiling one customer's need for food-grade tank cleaning.

  • The Scoop on Oil Skimmers (414 KB pdf) - by Tom Hobson
    Article in Water and Wastewater Products magazine that features five steps to selecting the right skimmer.

  • Skimming Away Fluid Contamination (704 KB pdf) - by Tom Hobson
    Article in American Machinist magazine that explains why the proper skimmer prevents a host of problems.

  • A Clean Sweep (1 MB pdf) - by Tom Hobson
    Article in Pollution Engineering discusses how oil skimmers work and in what applications they work best.

  • Choosing the Right Oil Skimmer for Economical Fluid Management (435 KB pdf) - by Tom Hobson
    Article in Canadian Environmental Protection that lists 10 factors to consider when selecting an oil skimmer.

  • Oil Skimming for Wastewater Recycling - by M. Thomas Hobson
    Explores the various concepts and methods of removing oil from wastewater and groundwater. The scientific operation of oil skimmers—in particular, belt oil skimmers—are discussed in detail.

  • How Do I Remove Oil from Water? - by Christopher Ott
    Removing oil from coolant and wastewater is beneficial from many standpoints, including cost, safety and quality.

  • The Alternative to Pump & Treat - by Bob Thibodeau
    Discusses the various methods and concepts for removing oil and other hydrocarbons from groundwater. Cost factors, efficiency and maintenance are the basis for establishing the best remediation methods.

  • Choosing a Coolant Skimmer for the Machine Shop - By Christopher Ott
    A look at several skimmer technologies available for the Machining Industry with pros and cons discussed.

  • What is an Oil Skimmer? - by Christopher Ott
    Learn about oil skimmer applications, types and designs.

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